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Jay Bronec

Intelligent Connections

For over 30 years, Jay Bronec has helped small to medium-sized manufacturers use technology solutions to reshape company culture, increase productivity and improve customer satisifaction.

Building Connections Through Consulting

After a twenty-six year career as a solution provider and chief revenue officer for manufacturing systems, Jay Bronec made a career pivot and started working as an independant technical consultant. Jay specializes in a variety of different Hertzler software including over two decades of experience with GainSeeker Suite.  

In his own words, Jay’s superpower’s lie in his ability to connect companies with the systems and software that keep them running efficently. Whether you’re looking to maintain unsupported Hertzler software or in need of a consultant to maximize system productivity, Jay’s dedicated, on-call 24-hour services are a perfect fit. 


24-Hour Software Support

Jay is well-versed in a variety of Hertzler software systems and can help your bussiness to quickly deal with problems and technical hiccups. Jay can ensure than unsupported Hertzler software runs smoothly, saving you time and money on uneccessary upgrades.

Thoughtful Technical Consulting

When it’s time to expand the capabilties of your software, Jay is an excellent resources for creative ideas and pragmatic strategies. Jay is a problem solver at heart, and he is always ready to work closely with your business and investigate avenues for technical growth.

Ready to find your business superpowers? Reach out to Jay now!


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